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Dee prodded me over my morning coffee to stand up and say a few words, but what is there to say?

After four years, nearly 3000 editions of the Spoon Digest, 36 thousand stories, 14 million words, and 88 million characters, you'd think most of what needs to has been said. All the love, admiration, gratitude, anger, warmth, fear, excitement has been expressed by now, today, Spoon's four-year anniversary and last day open for business.

Still though, there's this. I'm left grateful to and admiring of all the members of Spoon over the years. You really took this to heart:

Drop by the Spoon for a cup of coffee and a story when you get a chance. We're here to share stories about our lives, about our travels, about the people we come across. We're telling tall tales and reading our journals, even telling some fiction. We're giving away bits of ourselves and seeing through other's eyes.

We're just a small place, a truck stop off the information highway. Its cold out there and warm and safe in here. Rest your feet. Rest your eyes from your weary road daze. Wrap your hands around a steaming cuppa and listen for a while and maybe talk a little.

Who We Are

We are professionals and amateurs, performers and everyday folk. We are young and old, show-offs and shut-ins, computer geeks and technophobes. We are storytellers and writers (read "people who write") and singers of songs. We are friends and lovers and husbands and wives. What we have in common is that we share stories. The Spoon is where we come together to tell our tales. Get to know the folks of Spoon by visiting Spooners' web pages.

How to Get There

Just head on out the four-lane and take a right at Moores Creek Road. Then go out 45 toward Bean Blossom. You'll see us on the left. The Spoon is an internet mailing list, sent to you via electronic mail. It is low-tech in this information age of images and pictures.

Spoon is a medium-volume list, averaging 15 to 20 messages per day. A digest version is also available, providing the same great stories in two easy to swallow packets a day.

Please note, Spoon was retired on 1 March 2000 after a successful run of four years.

While You're There

When you get there, you're welcome to jump in to the conversation with your own story or just sit back and listen. We're all neighbors and friends here so we try to treat each other pretty well.

You'll send your stories to spoon_at_thespoon.com This works whether you are on the regular list or the digest. If mail to your address repeatedly bounces, you will automatically be unsubscribed from Spoon. Just sign back on after your mail troubles are over.

Oh, here's an important thing. Replies to Spoon messages go back to the originator of the message, not back to the list. It'll take a little getting used to. Make sure you save your messages before you send them. The list was set up this way so stories sent to Spoon were sent with some deliberation.

We should probably tell you what Spoon is not. Everything here is a corollary of what we said earlier: "Spoon is a place for stories." I hate to define the Spoon in negative terms, but we'll all probably benefit from directness. So we'll say this and let it go. Veteran Spooners (and that means anyone who has sent in a story) will gently remind you as you find by trial-and-error what the Spoon is all about. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The Spoon is a place for stories, journals, reflections, tales, memoirs, chronicles, narratives, anecdotes, folktales, and fiction.

  • There is discussion in Spoon, but it is first a place for stories. Conversations between only a few people should be taken off-line. There are hundreds of people all over the world listening. As one person put it, sometimes the wheat can get buried beneath the chaff.

  • The Spoon is a place for original work, not stuff recycled from other parts of the Internet. We can always find that outside the door of the Spoon when we want it.

  • And most of all, we are kind to each other in the Spoon. It isn't a place for baiting or flaming or any of that silly crap. Discussions are fine, but please take it off-line the moment it starts looking more like a debate.

Please spend a moment and introduce yourself to the rest of the folks here. We're happy to have you.

If you feel like it, stay for a bit. When you have to hit the road, you're always welcome back. We'll remember your face when you stop on by again. Now what can I get you?

I fell in love here. I've had heartbreak, terror, and confusion. I've found friendship, support, and love. I've drifted away and been welcomed back. I've moved through worlds of change. Spoon was a constant.

It's been fun. Really. All of it. I can't begin to tell you how much.

Wes Modes
Owner and proprietor
The Spoon Cafe and Bar

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