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An Allegory

    from the Book of Spoon

    In the beginning, there were many mailing lists upon the waters of the 'Net, as many as boats upon the ocean. And these mailing lists were gathering places for people to share their lives and interests. And it was good.

    2 There was a man who saw this and said to himself, "I would like to have a mailing list for people who write stories." So he created a story-telling list and began gathering the people unto him. Male and female, he gathered them, and he fashioned the list in his own image, and he said, "This is good." And it was good.

    3 In time he saw there was a great diversity upon this gathering. The diversity grew in ways he had not forseen, and it took shapes he had not planned. "This is straying from my image," he said, and he took his tools and he clipped and sheared and uprooted and burned. He allowed no growth or blossom that was not of his making or blessed with his approval.

    4 There were those in his created place who became sore perturbed. They saw the poison spread across the gathering and they said, "This is not, for us, a healthy place. This is not, for us, a safe place." They saw that what was good had become contaminated at its source. One by one, the people left, some bearing scars, all with heavy hearts.

    5 And it came to pass that there was another mailing list where they could gather. A place where they could rest and heal. A place where they could learn to be comfortable with each other again. A place where they could *be* whosoever they were without fear of clipping, or shearing, or uprooting, or burning. This was a place where the people could let the past go, without either bitterness or rancor. And it was good.

    6 But the owner of the other list was a jealous owner, and he said, "Thou shalt have no other list owners before me, especially not *that* list owner, who was my friend until he no longer met with my divine approval." And he said of those who went to the safe haven, "These are none but betrayers and fools and leeches and are not worthy of my place. They shall henceforth only be worthy of my scorn and poison."

    7 And so it came to pass that, although the people went away from him, he could not, himself, go away from them. He continued to berate and malign, trapped in the mighty ugliness of his own making. For his porridge, there was bitter gruel. For his dinner, there was burned bread and sour wine. And the people who had gone away from him shook their heads and said, "How sad that he eats so poorly when all around him is the abundance in his own image."

    8 And it came to pass that one day the safe haven received a gift from the list they had left behind. The people looked and, lo! There was deposited upon the lawn a mighty load of rich manure. And the people wrinkled up their noses and they said, "What a wonderful gift! We shall take all this rich manure and we shall till it into the soil. Wonderous great growths and flowers will burst forth and fill our lives. And nobody will clip, or shear, or uproot, or burn this growth for here we let things *be* as they are. And it is good."


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